Our Menu


Samosa 4.99 - crispy fried turnovers stuffed with potatoes and green peas

Vegetable pokora 5.99 - vegetables fritters deep fried in chickpea batter 

Onion bhaji 4.99 - Akin to an american onion ring, these fritters are lightly spiced and fried in a gram flour 

Fried chilli rub mushrooms 5.99 - crispy deep fried mushrooms with spices, chili powder, breaded with panko crumbs 

Dumpling chilli 7.99 - Nepali dumplings with your choice of veggie, chicken, or pork. Come with a gravy sauce

Paneer pokora 7.99 - home made cheese deep fried with gram flour 

Chilly paneer 7.99 - home made cheese sauteed with onion and pepper in hot sauce 

Chicken pokora 5.99 - marinated tender chicken pieces deep fried with chickpea batter 

Pork shadako 8.99 - Nepali style BBQ pork mixed with onion, ginger, cilantro, chili pepper and lime

Chicken wings 8.99 - deep fried wings and your choice of sauce - ginger hot, hot, and thai chili  

Chicken chili 7.99 - marinated chicken sauteed with onion and pepper in chili sauce

Taste of namaste platter 12.99 - samosa, chicken pokora, vegetable pokora, and your choice of dumplings   


Ginger lemongrass soup 6.99 - light and spicy broth infused with fresh ginger, lime, coconut milk, lemongrass, cilantro and your choice of vegeterian or chicken 

Wonton soup 5.99 - a vegetarian soup featuring our veggie dumpling, carrots, and cabbage

Burmese coconut soup 7.99 (Shrimp 8.99) - a light vegetable broth infused with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, spices, and coconut milk. Your choice of vegetables, chicken, and shrimp

Chicken soup 4.99 - a traditional Indian soup with chicken and cream

Lentils soup 3.99 - our hearty stew of lentils, spices, and ginger



Mixed green salads 5.99 - fresh mixed greens, almond slivers, and mandarin orange slices tossed in a ginger lemongrass vinaigrette 

Asian kale salad 6.99 - fresh mixed kale, carrots, bell-pepper, and crushed peanut with ginger peanut dressing

Asian chicken salad 6.99 - shredded cabbage, ice-berg lettuce, cucumber, chicken, and carrots tossed with a Thai chili lime dressing and crushed peanuts

Shredded pork Thai salad 6.99 - shredded cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and pork strips tossed in a complex spicy citrus-infused dressings

Mixed vegetables salad 6.99 - mixed seasonal vegetables with ginger hot sauce 


Naan 2.99 - healthy unleavened fresh stuffed bread

Garlic naan 3.99 - white flour naan with mashed garlic 

Onion naan 3.99 - white flour naan with onions

Garlic cheese naan 4.99 -stuffing,shredded cheese topping,cilantro and crushed garlic.

Paratha 2.99 - a buttery plain bread

Coconut naan 3.99 - white flour naan with coconut

Peshwari naan 4.99-it's yummy stuff with raisin,cherry,nuts and coconut  

Bread basket 7.99 -  coconut naan, garlic naan, and plain naan